Elegant Pearl Cluster and Dangle Earrings - Ideal for Bridesmaids
EARRING ATTITUDE: romantic, elegant, lyrical, says "I do these earring justice and not the other way around" These earrings are nothing new. Pearl clusters have certainly been done before, especially in a wedding or romantic setting. The beauty of the design is that it is not complex - it's straight-forward elegance that enhances and complements. And it makes that nice tapping sound when you move your head. Tap-tap tap.... it's music to the ears. Measures 6.5 cm from top of earwire to bottom of pearl dangle. Hand-crafted from silver-plated wire (including elven-inspired earwire), faux pearls of two sizes, decorative metal beads, seed beads, Swarovski crystals of two sizes, translucent marble glass beads and bead caps. Wholesale prices may be arranged if order involves more than 2 sets of earrings, especially if ordered for bridemaids. Please contact me so that we can come to an agreement in price and customization.