Moon Dance Earrings (poetry-inspired) - Jewelry for Dreamers
EARRING ATTITUDE: mystical, enlightening, dreamer, says "i live in my own reality" These earrings are inspired from several sources. One, a poem by Langston Hughes called "Dream Deferred", which likened dreams to a tactile metaphor, and in the process, transforming a concept into something tangible. Two, from yours truly, who has always been a dreamer. Having faith in the validity of my dreams has been my driving force. I can't imagine living without it because it has been a source of strength more than anything else. Making these earrings has been a reminder of that. Measures 5 cm from tip of earwire to bottom of dangle. Hand-crafted from silver-plated wire (including earwire) hammered for smoothness, aquamarine glass beads, sterling silver decorative orbs, seed beads, and Swarovski crystals.