Crawling Vine Earrings - Decorative Earwire Dangle
EARRING ATTITUDE: edgy, risk-taker, not too offbeat The eye-catching element of these earrings is the earwire. Usually, ear wire serves only a functional purpose: to attach the "ear" to the "ring". But I am a believer of the idea to bringing new purpose to something for which it was not intended... like using a scarf for a belt or using preserve jars as beverage glasses. In this case, the earwire is the earring and serves a dual purpose - functional and stylish! Measures 6 cm from top of ear wire to bottom of dangle. Hand-crafted with silver-plated wire (including earwire), Swarovski cystals, sterling silver beads, polished rock beads and bead caps. Earrings will be delivered either in a decorative pillow gift box or jewelry bag made with organic material, tagged with the shop logo "iAMattitude".