Music of the Spheres Earrings - Poetry Inspired
EARRING ATTITUDE: celestial, auspicious, says "my aura resonates with the music of the spheres" Inspired by the poem "Music of Spheres" by Jean Follain, these earrings are a depiction of planetary body and its shadow leaving a trail of astral debris. If you're ever in a peaceful place on a still night looking up at the sky, you notice a sense of harmony with silent illumination of the universe with the unseen resonance of nature. The stirring of the trees, the whistling of the crickets, the reflection of moonlight on a body of water... all this under a bed of stars which seem still to us, but rings with the same laws of physics that govern life on earth. It can be an inspirational revelation. Hand-made from copper wire (including the ear wire) of two tones with metal beads of two tones, engraved stone beads, and floral decorative bead caps. Measures 8.5 cm from top of earwire to tip of bead cap. Earrings will be delivered in a decorative gift pillow box with the shop logo, "iAMattitude"