Everything you see in the shop is handmade by myself. I have been crocheting for about 12+ years and knitting on and off for about 6 years. I am a huge nerd who just loves to make things with my hands.

Payment Policy

We accept all major card carriers as well as pay pal. But keep in mind we DO NOT DO REFUNDS!

Shipping Policy

Usually 3-5 bussiness days not including weekends but that can change at any time due to how busy we are or if we are out of a size or color.

Refund & Exchange Policy

NO REFUNDS!!! But you do have up to 30 days after item is shipped to make changes such as size or color. If you want to change it out for a different size or design please keep in mind that you may end up having to pay a bit more depending on the cost difference. Also you are required to pay for shipping back to us to get a new item.

Other Policies

Q: What kid of material do you use to make your product? A: Most of the time I use acrylic yarn because its easy to get in bulk as well as helps keep the pricing of my items down. Also they are easy to machine wash and dry. Q: What if Im allergic to acrylic can I swap it out for a different material? A: Yes, If you are allergic to acrylic or would perfer a different type of yarn I can exchange it out but keep in mind that the price of the items may go up do to the cost of the material that it takes to make the item. Q: How long have you been doing this? A: I have been a active crocheter for about 12+ years and im starting to get back into knitting again which I have been doing off and on for about 6+ years. Q: I hate the smell of tabacoo, are these made in a tabacoo free home? A: Yes all items are made away from tabacoo products as well as animals. Now keep in mind that if you get an item that smells like tabacoo you can switch it out but you will be held responsible for paying the shippin fees to mail it back to us to trade out. Q: Do you wash anything that is sent out? A: No, I don't wash any of the items before shipment because many people have allergies towards different detergents and softners. If you would like your items washed before shipment feel free to ask and you won't be charged extra. Q: I don't like the way that my item is and I want to return it can I get a full refund by doing so? A: NO! Im sorry but every item that is made is made by hand and are non refundable. Now if you want to switch it out for a different size or color let me know and we can work something out. But you do have up to 30 days from shipping it out to exchange it out for a size or color. Depending on the size, you may get charged the difference but again please contact me before you decide to do anything. Q: Do you sell on etsy? A: No. I used to sell on etsy but had many issues with it including the pricing i had to pay to keep it up and running and couldn't do it anymore. Q: Do you offer online classes for those who want to learn what you do? A: As of right now im in the process of it but keep an eye out for it :) Q: How long does it take to make and ship out an item? A: Usually 3-5 business days to make (not including weekends) and sent out. IF that changes it will state it in the listing.

Contact Information

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