Handmade, Handstitched Cards, Set of 4
***Here is an example of a customizable order for a set of handmade, handstitched cards! Email me @ hummiestudios to discuss color schemes and patterns to find the best fit for you! Want to send a note to someone special in your life? These handmade, handstitched cards are the perfect way to say hello, thank you, and any other message you want to convey! Cut and stitched by hand (no machines here!), these cards are sure to brighten anyone’s day! *Set of 4 (four) unique cards with 4 (four) white envelopes. Blank inside (fill with your thoughts!). *Each card measures approximately 5 ½” by 4 ¼”. While the pattern is similar between cards, each is unique as all are cut and stitched by hand.