The creation of Humble Salves follows the principles of integrity, reverence, honesty, and gratitude: - Integrity in the preparation process - Reverence in using pure and sustainable products - Honesty with ingredient selection - Gratitude for being able to create products that benefit others In creating Humble Salve I was dedicated to following responsible business practices, such as working with zero waste and sourcing sustainable materials from eco-sound companies. - Zero landfill practices – everything is composted, recycled, and reused in the salve-making process. - Product packaging consists of 100% compostable cellophane wrap and paper. - All marketing materials printed on 100% post-consumer waste, recyclable and biodegradable paper. - Containers are made from 100% recycled & recyclable tin - the easiest material to recover from recycling purposes - as well as recycled and 100% recyclable glass. - All ingredients are either locally sourced or produced sustainably in their countries of origin.

Payment Policy

Humble Salve happily accepts PayPal only.

Shipping Policy

Humble Salve currently only ships domestically via USPS (United States Postal Service). All shipping is a flat $5 per shipment.

Refund & Exchange Policy

At this moment, I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges due to the extremely small size of my little business (it's just me, y'all!). However, I am very happy to send you a little sample of any product if you contact me via the site. That way, you can always test something out before you buy. Along the same line, Humble Salve is not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged along the way :(. If that does happen though, hit me up and I will see if I can help you out somehow, because I've been there! Having said all of this - if something that you ordered does not work out or if there is any kind of problem, please let me know ASAP so that I can find a way to make it right.

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