Argan-Safflower Oil Face Salve - Unscented and Unrefined
This smooth and creamy face salve delivers deep, lasting moisture while being gentle and soothing on the face's sensitive skin. This salve is made with some of nature's least-comedogenic oils and plant butters, so it moisturizes and pampers skin without clogging pores! No added scents or chemicals (not even essential oils) make this salve quite suitable for people with scent and chemical sensitivities. Raw mango butter and beeswax seal in moisture, unrefined argan and safflower oils smooth fine lines and clarify skin, and jojoba oil stabilizes sebum regulation. This salve works under makeup (just add a thin sheen of salve, not a whole lot) or blended with some mineral makeup as a luscious creamy foundation (just remember to apply SPF first if worn during daylight). A little of this powerhouse salve goes a long way! Directions: apply a small amount to face at night, in the morning, or any time your face feels dry. Gently massage into face, and feel free to also apply to neck and décolletage as needed! This salve is great for all skin types, particularly for sensitive and/or break-out prone skin. Please perform a skin test first to make sure no skin irritation or allergic reaction occurs. Product Care: Since this product is made with only natural ingredients it is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Please store in cool, dark place and do not place in direct sunlight, especially during hot summer months (nothing bad will happen, the salve just may melt a little). If any product melting occurs, just pop the salve in the fridge for 20 minutes to solidify and you are good to go! Also please do not introduce water to the jar during storage and use, as the presence of water will encourage spoilage. Shelf life: 6-12 months or more. Size: 1oz (weight) Ingredients: raw unrefined mango butter, unrefined argan oil, unrefined safflower oil, local raw beeswax, unrefined jojoba oil. Packaging: recycled and 100% recyclable / reusable glass jar and aluminum lid. Please note: due to the unrefined nature of the ingredients in this salve, especially the safflower and argan oils, the salve may have a nutty, earthy scent that quickly fades away with application.