Tulum Casita Hand Embroidery Hoop Art
One of my favorite lil casas in Tulum. Stitched from a photo I took while traveling there recently. I never remember how to find it, but somehow end up coming across it anyway. It's such a happy lil space! + stretched in a 3" wood grain flexi hoop + 100% cotton embroidery floss + 100% cotton off white canvas + back stitching is covered with a felt circle _______________________________________ CARING FOR YOUR PIECE + Wipe with a soft cloth or use a can of compressed air if dust accumulates + Please do not hang in direct sunlight, as this may cause the thread to fade over time + Please take care not to tug on any of the threads as this may alter the look of your piece _______________________________________ FIND ME ELSEWHERE + Instagram: @hooplastitch + Website: www.hooplastitch.com + Sign up for my mailing list via my website ©2015-2016 Nichole Lynn Alvarado