Hooked On Kolor

Bright And Colorful Accessories, Because Everything Is Better In Color

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Holmen, WI
Owned By
Krista Miller
Store Details
I made the decision to start my shop very quickly. My husband got me crocheting supplies for Christmas in 2014, I made one dishcloth, and I was hooked (see what I did there?)! The items I was making were things I always wanted, but never knew where to get (cute scarves, chunky headbands, etc.) and I knew I wasn't the only one. Even though there are many shops out there that sell similar crocheted and knitted items, I was hoping that there were other people with my style. And my style is basically bright colors! Most other shops I see go with the traditional accessory colors, but I do my best to stay true to what I love. Sure, you'll see something white or dark red in my shop every so often, but I just make what attracts me at that time! I also add home decor items to my shop occasionally and a similar story applies! If I come up with something that I want to make for my own home, it is generally pretty safe to guess that other people would like it too! So I tend to make something for myself and then make some extras to add to my shop. I will always take the opportunity to add some brightness and color to someone's home! I hope everyone else loves what I make as much as I do!