Palm Tree Earrings Memphis Group 80s Inspired Hand Painted
These palm tree earrings are based on giant versions I created as sculpture for a 2018 New Years Eve Dance "From Venus To The Valley". The party was largely inspired by Memphis Group style. These earrings each are hand-painted on all sides. Each earring is made of 2-parts that are laser cut, slid together, glued and painted. hand painted on all sides with colors pink, periwinkle, mint, & yellow. Sides are black and white striped in the Memphis way! The earrings are made from 1/8" draftboard and hang roughly 3" down from your ear. The draftboard makes them very light weight! As a former ear-gauge wearer my ears are very sensitive to heavy pieces and these don't bother me at all! Each set of earrings comes in a special acrylic case like seen in the picture!