Herbie & Company Aloe Vera Massage Shampoo Bar
Herbie & Company dog products are manufactured in North Carolina, USA, hand poured using a herb and/or essential oil infusion in addition to other natural ingredients all sourced locally or from an organic American co-op Herbie & Company which Herbie & Company is a member. Our Aloe Vera Massage Shampoo Bar is hand created and poured. It should not be used on dogs younger than 8 weeks. Created to offer dogs a relaxing bathing experience while nourishing their coat and skin. While our massage bars are wonderful for all dogs, they are amazing for senior dogs and pooches who do not like the bathing experiencing. After a few minutes, a nervous dog will melt into your hands, loving his bath! Our massage bars work well on short, medium and long-haired dogs. No tangles. Amazing, soothing massage shampoo bar aloe vera added to our natural glycerin base. Ingredients: glycerin base bar - olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, vegetable glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide and soybean protein infused with aloe vera. 2 - 4-ounce massage shampoo bar. UPC 72944082288 SKU: MSB618