Herbie & Company Ear Tonic
Herbie & Company is manufactured in North Carolina, USA, hand poured using a herb and/or essential oil infusion in addition to other ingredients all sourced locally or from an organic American co-op Herbie & Company is a member of. Ear Tonic is created for dogs who have yeast infections, food or environmental allergies and are scratching their ears. This product is hand created and poured. It should not be used on dogs younger than 8 weeks. The product must be shaken prior to each use and not used near eyes or genitals. Use this product when your dog is scratching his ears and/or rubbing hie ears on the floor. Drop 2 - 4 drops (depending on the size of dog), into the ear canal and gently massage the outside of the ear. This is a very concentrated blend. Never stick your finger or object such as cotton swabs, balls or pads into the ear canal of your dog. Ingredients: hazelnut oil, lavender, ACV and distilled water. 2-ounce amber dropper bottle UPC 729440882132