Herbie And Company

Located In
Alexander Mills, NC
Owned By
Holly Stoops
Store Details
Herbie & Company was founded in 2011 for a better, natural and safe way to care for our rescue dogs and their allergies, grooming and day to day well being. I can proudly say they are all healthy and active senior dogs now still being cared for with Herbie & Company products. Herbie & Company used herb infused bases to begin the process of our hand created and poured dog care products. We use as many locally sourced North Carolina herbs and organic ingredients as possible. The remainder of our ingredients come from an organic co-op we are a member of. We offer nothing to the public that is not, has not or will not be used on our own pups. Do you have a certain dog issue you can’t seem to find assistance with? Email us at herbieandco@gmail.com describing the problem and we may be able to make a product specifically for your dog. Please note we are not veterinarians but are educated in herb and essential oil use for companion animals (dogs). Feel free to talk with your doctor about our products.