Bold Copper Helix Mens Cuff Bracelet
Go loud or go home! You know who you are- yeah, you’re the extrovert who loves being the center of attention. No need to roll up your sleeves for this shiny cuff to get noticed- it’ll make an impression even on their peripherals as it conspicuously contrasts everything you wear, unless of course when you bust out your space suit! The uniform color makes it stylishly simple from afar, and the combination of thick and thin wires make in intriguingly complex up close. This cuff is made entirely of Copper and comes in the Heavy Helix Design- 6 wires that are paired to form 3 double helixes: 2 smaller ones and 1 bigger. Approximate Dimensions: 3/8" wide and 5/32" thick; 9/32" at the width of its thin wires (Metric: 10 mm wide and 4 mm thick; 3 mm at the width of its thin wires) Free shipping globally via First Class USPS. Expedited shipping options available for a fee. All Helix Cuffs products made by hand in Boulder, CO.