Bold Copper and Niobium Double Helix Mens Cuff Bracelet
The original cuff that started it all… this cuff comes with history! In fact, after the final hammer blow on each of these, Davis sheds a sentimental tear (yes, really!) This heavy cuff is made by hand of the pure earth elements Niobium and Copper. The Niobium is subtle and stylish; the Copper is raw and bold. The unique contradiction of colors matches your personality perfectly, ‘cause you’re the guy who hits it hard and loud at a party, but is graceful and calm at the office. This cuff is made of Copper and Niobium and comes in the Heavy Helix Design- 6 wires that are paired to form 3 double helixes: Niobium is used for the 2 smaller ones, and Copper for the bigger one. Approximate Dimensions: 3/8" wide and 5/32" thick; 9/32" at the width of its thin wires. (Metric: 10 mm wide and 4 mm thick; 3 mm at the width of its thin wires) Free shipping globally via First Class USPS. Expedited shipping options available for a fee. All Helix Cuffs products made by hand in Boulder, CO.