Niobium Double Helix Men's Cuff Bracelet
Sleek and understated, yet cool and subtle. Complement your look and connect with your mysterious side with this rare element that none of your friends have ever heard of or even know how to pronounce! (FYI: it’s nahy-oh-bee-uh m, like the words eye, oh, and ium from stadium). Pique the curiosity of onlookers with this smooth and homogeneous accessory that both elevates your style and acts as a great conversation starter. This cuff is made entirely of Niobium and comes in the Classic Helix Design- 6 wires that are paired to form 3 equally-sized double helixes. Approximate Dimensions: 9/32" wide and 1/8" thick. (Metric: 7 mm wide and 3 mm thick) We offer free shipping globally via First Class USPS. Expedited shipping options available for a fee. All Helix Cuffs products made by hand in Boulder, CO.