Bold Gunmetal Mens Cuff Bracelet
For the guy who appreciates true uniqueness and craftsmanship. It's Bold, Heavy, and Intricate! This 100% Niobium cuff takes twice the material and four times the work of other cuffs; it's an original fabricated pattern you won't find find anywhere else. It our personal choice for a badass cuff no one else has!* More than any other, this cuff will make people itch to take it off your wrist and examine its intricate design up close. Be forewarned- they may not even ask for permission...! At the very least, passers by will be doing double takes! *Disclaimer: it is not true that no one else has this cuff... Davis wears one... so basically you and Davis will be the only ones who own this cuff.** **Disclaimer II: Well, not entirely true either... there are other customers who wear this cuff... but they are still a very small number of people, like, a super small percentage compared to the 7 billion people in the world! So hurry up and buy one before it goes mainstream! Approximate Dimensions: 1/2" wide and 1/8" thick. (metric: 13 mm wide and 3 mm thick) We offer free shipping globally via First Class USPS. Expedited shipping options available for a fee. All Helix Cuffs products made by hand in Boulder, CO.