We enjoy making products that are good for your skin. Each product we produce has ingredients that have been carefully thought out and researched for their maximum benefit. We STRONGLY suggest looking through the ingredient list of each product if you have any kind of allergy! We list ingredients for each skin care product on all product listings and the product label.

Payment Policy

For all orders, payment is required up front. If you are requesting a specialty order, we will either ask for half the price up front and half before mailing, or the full asking price up front. We take these requests on a case by case basis.

Shipping Policy

We have a flat fee shipping price of $3.95! Great way to stock up!

Refund & Exchange Policy

Skin care products are not available for refund or exchange. Because of the nature of skin care products, they cannot be resold after being returned for safety/health reasons. All our skin care product listings contain the ingredient list so anyone with allergies can know in advance if there is a possible allergen. If there is a problem with shipping, please contact us so we can work it out with our shipping provider. Products that are not skin care related can be accepted for a refund or exchange as long as the buyer notifies us in advance via email.

Other Policies

We take special requests! Please understand that depending onthe special order, it will take time to produce. Some products like lip balms, beard balms, sugar scrubs and lotions can be produced in a shorter period of time. Other products such as cold process soap take a MINIMUM of 4 weeks to cure before we will send them. Other cold process soaps may take longer if specific ingredients are requested. If you need soap in a faster amount of time, we can use a melt and pour soap that is detergent free to facilitate a tight time schedule. Please email us for more information.

Contact Information

We can be reached by email at We are also on Facebook at heartofnebraskasoaps, on Twitter @heartofNEsoaps, and on Instagram at heartofnebraskasoaps.

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