Fresh Herb and Spice Blends and Seasoning Mixes

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Glendale, OR
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David Jacobson
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We've been growing, drying, blending and selling herbs and spices in southern Oregon for years, and have just decided to expand our reach. We hope you enjoy our products, based on family recipes and experience. In most cases, what you order is prepared and packaged just days before you receive it, and the freshness makes a huge difference in the flavor. We commonly suggest that you use just half the amount of spice you normally use, when you start using our products. They are that flavorful. Our recipes include no preservatives or fillers like salt, sugar, cellulose (wood), or silicon dioxide (sand) and almost all are appropriate for people on low sodium diets. Some blends do include salt or sugar as ingredients, these will say so in the description. Our website also provides more information about cooking for a low salt diet, and even help using the fresh herbs you grow at home. We've also done some more whimsical things from time to time.