Lepidocrosite Faceted Teardrop Briolette and Sterling Silver Necklace - Vampire Tears
You watch them from a distance, the man who was once your son. He's grown old, stooped, older than you'll ever be. The little girl next to him, his granddaughter, you've never met. You'll never dare get close enough to smell her sweet scent. You turn away, tears forming, and disappear back into the night. Elegant teardrop briolette of lepidocrosite within clear quartz, wire wrapped in blackened sterling silver. Suspended from a sterling silver box chain. Stone measures 18mm by 10mm. Choose necklace length at checkout. In addition to being beautiful, lepidocrocite brings grounding and intellectual stimulation and enhances perception and intuition. It is associated with the astral sign of Sagittarius.