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Chakra/Synergy rings--dynamics of mixed energy Elements--Water AND Storm Terminated Quartz surrounded by Rose Quartz and Swarovski Each is a one of a kind ensemble as every stone is different. Each ring design will have variances but the same stone closeness as the ring in picture. If you wish a particular ensemble of stones please message for a custom grouping. thanks. The ring bases are adjustable. syn·er·gy--definition (sĭn′ər-jē) n. pl.syn·er·gies The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. ____________________________________________________________________________________ When a group of elemental gemstones combine their energies they create the process of Synergy. This ring is carrying both a Terminated Quartz crystal in the center area. Terminated Quartz are best with the point directed away from you. When wearing this ring, if you need something to be under your feet, wear it point down. It is surrounded by Rose Quartz gems and small Swarovski elements for gentle light,-- and metals to to bring that water element of power forward. The cleansing emotional stone of Rose is a power stone. It has a quaint feminine appearance, but carries all of the necessary heart speak features to provide continual adjustments as a day proceeds. The ring is defined in a circle of approximately 1 inch. It is vintage brass style base which can be adjusted to fit several sizes. Please advise me of your size and as I make the ring, I will set that size on a jeweler ring bar for you. Gem Lore: Terminated Quartz--element -Storm Usage --amplification of intention--clears all negatives around you. repairs the breaches in your Aura. Chakra--ALL Rose Quartz--element--Water Usage--protection, emotional suffrage protection Divinity spirituality, stress managing and gentle abilities. Very powerful stpone, though most see it as a sweet little stone. This one is mighty and can break the strongholds. Consider the element it is of--Water-- WATER CLEANS, purifies and purges away the things that cling to the top of us..Rose is calming, nurturing and rebuilding, emotionally balancing everything. Knowing and engaging matters of the heart. Chakra-4th-Heart If you need several created in this fashion of the Terminatiin and Rose Quartz please message for larger order.. Please see all of the great combinations I have listed. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOUR RING WILL BE EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE STONES IN COMBINATION HERE. EACH AND EVERY STONE IS DIFFERENT--THAT IS THE POINT---THEY ARE SELECTED FOR YOU... Statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.