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Welcome and thank you for visiting. ELEMENT--EARTH -WIND-FIRE-WATER CHAKRA --ALL PRISM OF THE SPECTRUM OF LIGHTS FEATHER EARRINGS LASER CUT--HOLOGRAPHIC LIMITED ACRYLICS PRISMS SHOWN IN HOLOGRAPHIC SEMI-CLEAR PRISM ACRYLIC LIMITED ACRYLIC--THERE ARE OTHER CHOICES ON MENU BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT EVERY MOVEMENT ALTERS THE FLICKER, CONSTANT CHANGES IN PRISMATICS. Measure 1" on the earring feather --1.5 OVERALL WITH HOOKS PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE HOOK STYLE CHOICE FROM MENU A beautiful holographic limited acrylic semi clear and prismatic flickering FEATHER SET The set showing is created with a limited acrylic called HOLOGRAPHIC semiclear PRISMATICS. It is not clear exactly but allows light passage and creates the prismatic geometric flashing on both sides when the piece moves. Just a beauty..graceful and interesting. YOU MAY SELECT OTHER COLORS for this creation from the menu instead of the holographic thanks thanks for visiting