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EARTH ELEMENT--100% raw copper RING: SIZE 7--you may request your size A wonderful twisted Hematite stone ensnared in Copper wire. This ring is adorned with Swarovski bicone crystals. PLEASE SELECT WIRE CHOICE AND RING SIZE FROM MENU. Lavender on the menu has a closer wrap as it is a softer wire set. thanks Gem Lore: Hematite is an EARTH ELEMENT. It is a wonderful grounding stone that helps to make manifest the things of the Spirit, bringing them into the Physical realm. Hematite makes one steady and keeps confusion at bay. The Aura field is balance by this stone as well as the chakra are brought into alignment. It pulls energy toward itself, whereby it brings energy to you, filling the void in the energy field and closing holes where negatives have broken in. The field around you becomes charged and clean. Wire wrapped in copper it is highly magnified, as Copper is a conduction metal. Two energy workers working together in this ring. Hematite makes known the polarities of opposites and balances them. It balances the Dark and the Light, the male and the female, the yin and the yang. Medical benefits: Hematite is used to heal muscle aches and pain. Sports activities that cause muscle weakness or soreness can benefit from Hematite. It aids in keeping toxins off of you that energy from components let into your immediate space, such as from computers, cell phones, etc. Hematite can assist with detoxification. CHAKRA: Raw Hematite--Root (1st chakra) Magnetic Hematite --ALL chakra--balances All systems. thanks for visiting. Please look around Statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.