Selenite pendants,third eye ,healing stones,ANGEL STONE
WIND ELEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SELENITE SHEATH DOORWAY STONE Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you today. APPROXIMATELY 2.5" TO 3" OVERALL HEIGHT WIDTH ACROSS IS VARIANT--USUALLY JUST UNDER 1/2" PLEASE MESSAGE IF YOU NEED SMALLER== SELENITE WILL SHOW YOU THE LIGHT. IT ALSO CAN SECRET ITSELF AWAY AND KEEP ITS LIGHT NOT AS VISIBLE. POWER STONE! STONE OF THE HEALERS--This stone should not be worn in water. Its uniqueness is it can be shaped altered by water. (I MAKE THIS OFTEN. YOUR STONE MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT BUT A WONDERFUL SHEATH OF SELENITE THROUGHOUT THE SET) I CUT MY OWN STONES. THIS IS A RICH VOLUME STONE CUT. (you will know you are wearing it.) DOORWAY STONE--LIGHT STONE-ACTIVATION STONE SELENITE INTENSIFIES LIGHT IN YOUR AURA.. PENDANT: I have ensnared a wonderful SELENITE SHEATH with rich raw copper and copper top (some top mount beads may be different) It is placed upon an Earth colored braided faux chain. You may select a different chain from menu. Working with Selenite in jewelry can be a difficult and delicate process as Selenite in its raw environment such as this is a softer stone than most. It is silky and light striking. If you are here for a beautiful stone from the gem world, you have found something that will amaze you when you see its performance. If you are here for the power and relevance of some already know this is a beauty and a High Communication Device stone. THE LIGHT BEARER! SELENITE--WIND ELEMENT--BEAUTIFUL WHIT E LIGHT CHAKRA--6th-7th-8-14 above the head. Selenite is an abundant LIGHT energy stone. It is a stone for mental clarity. It combines with any stone in the gem world and whatever stone you place with it is amplified ,many times over. It is used to receive information, and is a stone, possibly the only stone that clears all stones and cleans and charges them by being in their environment. Angelic, guides and Higher Communication are all accomplished with Selenite alone or with a combination of a stone attached to it. Selenite is a form of gypsum and is formed with different clarity, all light moving. It has an appearance of fiber optical movement up and down the stones in sheathes. It is a healing stone for energy and light work. It transforms the spinal area in a such a way that all chakra are aligned by it and LIGHT working achieves a tremendous transformation. Selenite is an activation 3rd eye stone and moves far into the higher chakra above the earthly chakra dimensions. The vibrations can be raised to a soaring height and into a realm where messengers speak. Benefits are truly noted because it unblocks all closures, allowing entrance to Doorways like a key! Let this stone bring Hope and Peace, and Light into your surroundings. It is best to place a piece of Selenite in an area where you are in intense meditation, It cleanses the area and any stones involved in your space. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER SELENITE PENDANTS IF YOU HAVE A DESIRE FOR STONES UPON THE SELENITE OR VARIOUS WIRE COMBINATIONS. THIS CREATION HERE IS AS IS--COPPER. the bail will allow for you to change chains Thanks for visiting The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.