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Water Elements with Fire-ground by EARTH CHAKRA--2ND AND 4TH Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. GOLDSTONE FIRELIGHT GEMSTONE-- STUNNING AT NIGHT LIKE A GOLD FILLED SKY FLICKERING WITH STARS OF GOLD. RING:--SIMPLICITY--FIRE LIGHT---OVAL SHAPED-SMALL antigue BALI PLEASE SEE OTHER LISTINGS FOR SQUARE SHAPE Gold stone Gold copper flicker-- wire wrapped in soft white WIRE WRAPPED IN A SOFT NATURE WHITE ANTIQUE WIRE.. BUT YOU MAY CHOOSE OTHER WIRE STYLE FORM MENU Please use menu for size and wire GEM LORE: GOLDSTONE GOLD--WATER/FIRE ELEMENT CHAKRA --2ND AND 4TH Goldstone is a glass structured element that incubates wonderful copper sparks inside and moves like solar fire energy. It balance the Spiritual energy between the Spiritual and Physical planes. It is a Reflection stone and brings inner knowing and third eye seeing. It awakens the Energy forces of creativity and harmony, and abundant living. It is a priestly stone from ancient times when it was called Monks stones because of the finding in this stone and its presence being brought into the gemstone world like a flash of hot fire. Goldstone aids the back and sexuality as well as emotional (heart)stability from stress and duress, opposition and oppression. COPPER: EARTH ELEMENT: Conduction and imparting of power and raw energy. Aids the blood and enriches the pathways. Copper interacts with the stones it is placed upon. With Goldstone it has an abundance of interaction due to the copper particles that cause this stone to shimmer naturally from the inside. Thanks for visiting The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations nor treatment.