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EARTH ELEMENT-- Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. RING: LARVIKITE--BLACK MOONSTONE PLEASE SELECT SIZE FROM MENU PLEASE SELECT DESIRED WIRE CHOICE FROM MENU I create this ring often and each stone will present to you its own elements and blue flash. Beautiful Squared (Black Moonstone), Larvikite is the actual stone name. It is adorned with Silver Plate bali and wire wrapped in Black Enamel. Each stone will be slightly different as no two are the same. The Uniqueness of Gemstone! LARVIKITE--AN EARTH ELEMENT--OFTEN CALLED BLACK MOONSTONE AND LABRADORITE BECAUSE OF THE BLUE FLASH AS LABRADORITE HAS. It is not Labradorite. IT IS A BASE (ROOT-1ST) CHAKRA STONE -- PROTECTIVE AND GROUNDING. IT PROVIDES, INNER VISION, STRENGTH, KNOWING, RECALL, and PATIENCE. It provides direction for the right path of the journey. It is said to aid in the recovery from stroke, providing new pathway to the brain. Thanks for visiting The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.