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Welcome-- Thank you for letting me share my work with you. HIGH CHAKRA HEALER WIND--EARTH all working in this CHAKRA PENDANT-PENDULUM SELENITE AND SMOKY QUARTZ--WEAR ON EITHER SIDE VIEW PLEASE CHOOE CHAIN STYLE FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE COLOR CHOICE FOR SURROUNDING If you would like a different surrounding stone system other than the smoky quartz to surround your Selenite, please use menu to select THE SET SHOWING IS SELENITE AND SMOKY QUARTZ. AMAZING VIEWS FROM LASER CREATED SPECTRUMS OF ACRYLIC LAYERS filled with specific gems. THIS IS A BEAUTY! A must see to appreciate the light. If you are here for a unique gemstone item, you have found it. If you are here for the Chakra use--you have truly found a unique created art piece that ensnares your needs. Exclusives from my work and specialty laser created points. ________________ PENDANT: 2 3/4 inches..3" from top of bail to base. Four Intricate pieces wire wrapped to create a beautiful Light Show upon the stones inside. It is wire wrapped in a soft but enameled Antique White wire. This is a Pendulum type structure that I have ensnared an arrangment with Stone Combinations. It is placed upon a White materialed 4 corded for viewing.. please choose chain fro menu At the Point--A Raw smoky Quartz chip is seated and steady on the tip of A wonderful Selenite Sheath Slice. Smoky Quartz chips are surrounding it on one side and the chips linger upon it on the other side. You may WEAR THIS PENDANT UPON EITHER SIDE. ALL OF THESE THAT I MAKE LIKE THIS SHAPE CAN BE WORN EITHER SIDE! IT GIVES YOU DIFFERENT VIEWS ON EACH SIDE. _____________________________ GEM LORE and ATRIBUTES: SELENITE--WIND ELEMENT--BEAUTIFUL WHITE LIGHT -chakra 6th-7th-8-14 above the head. Selenite is an abundant LIGHT energy stone. It combines with any stone in the gem world and whatever stone you place with it is amplified, many times over. Combination in metals give the same reactions to intensifying that metal. It is used to receive information. Higher Communication with peaceful awareness are all accomplished with Selenite alone or with a combination of a stone attached to it. It is a healing stone for energy worker. It transforms the spinal area in a such a way that all chakra are aligned by it and LIGHT working achieves a tremendous transformation. Selenite is an activation 3rd eye stone and moves far into the higher chakra above the natural scope of the chakra dimensions. The vibrations can be raised to a soaring height and into a realm where messengers speak. Benefits are truly noted because it unblocks all closures in the AURA SURROUNDING YOU; allowing for perfect harmony to balance all of the chakra. Selenite brings peace and calming to your surroundings and helping Keep The Light around you. Beautiful Light! SMOKY QUARTZ-EARTH ELEMENTS--ROOT CHAKRA This is the Grounding Stone. The stone that combines at the base to keep you grounded and negative energy at bay while in mediation on other walks. This is a stone for manifestation of the dreamworld. Bringing the Spiritual into the physical realm. It provides knowledge of where unstable energy is so it can be negated and transformed. . The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments. Thanks for visiting