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Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you today. THE FLAME AURA STONE--FIRE STONE EARTH-WIND-FIRE-WATER-STORM CHAKRA --ALL-third eye--crown and Soul Star MASTER HEALER STONE-vibrates steadily at 4 Climbs through all of th Zodiac signs SHAMANIC stone-KUNDALINI STONE You may choose chain from menu The activator of the rainbow body-auric field and third eye. Wire wrapped in the conduction of Copper, is a wonderful Titanium Aura Quartz which is a Double terminated. Double terminated quartz becomes a magical entity when gold and titanium are high fired to produce an Angelic rainbow of power and Aura perfection, protection and high soul chakra worker for healing and anything else the physical realm needs to manifest. A restorer of broken things. All elements are involved when using this stone. Adorned with Swarovski Opal fire elements of rondel and bicone -the lights move across this piece as if all prism merged together in harmony. An Angel/Fairy has been placed upon the front and allowed to move when the piece does, She is balanced in the FIRE element centered and enchanting. A 24 inch vintage copper chain adorns this piece. This stone is a Shamanic worker and unbinds all the chords that hold us in bondage to negative energy. It awakens the KUNDALINi which you should be prepared to understand some of the knowledge to new ideas. It protects the field around you as you meditate, journey and become aware of the higher energy that has been released into your space. ALL CHAKRA ARE BALANCED by this stone. The stone aids in hormonal wellness, relationship wholeness,upper body healing and deep meditation, spirit guide performance and walking the beyond. if you wish the stone with just the angel fairy, that is fine. just use the note field to leave note. Thanks for visiting These statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluation or treatments.