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EARTH ELEMENT--CHAKRA ALL RUNE LANQUAGE--ELDER RUNES THE LANQUAGE THAT GIVES DIRECTION AND AIDS YOU IN INNER DEVELOPMENT IN A POSITIVE WAY --TRANFORMATION AND DIRECTION--AWARENESS-KNOWING-POTENT PLEASE SELECT YOUR SIZE FROM MENU FOR CREATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN INITIAL RING INSTEAD, LET ME KNOW WHICH INITIALS (UP TO THREE) THANKS RUNES UPON THIS PARTICULAR RING ARE: FEHU--Possessions, property MANNAZ-Human, self, Between heaven and earth LAGUZ- Water, flowing, growing TIWAZ- Warrior Spirit YOU MAY ASK FOR 4 DIFFERENT RUNES TO BE PLACED UPON YOUR RING--IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE 4 ON THIS ONE..THIS IS AN EXAMPLE..BUT YOU MAY ASK FOR THESE AS SEEN AS WELL. Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. handcrafted--I create this often and all handcrafting presents its own forthcoming, and all handstamping will be slightly variant as this is the beauty of the elemental work of this type. What a gentle spirit this ring is. A Beautiful Handcrafted copper RUNE ring This is 100% copper in the complete ring. It is a wire wrapped, hand crafted, handmetal stamped, with Runes and tiny leaves with textured elements drawing on this Rustic Forest mix of Power and Knowledge. Earthy and elegant and all encompassing texture in one place. A few of the Runic (Elder Futhark) have been pathed among the leaves of this earth element.. Runes are an ancient language of the old norse and intricate knowledge passed on through the ages in the land of the old viking rules. They are magical in their right of telling you a story about your life, and protecting, if you can adhere to the concepts of listening to inner thought and participate in your own fate. Protection, understanding, guidance, wellbeing and knowledge are a mix hoped for in every day living. Just let it speak, you don't have to know them to feel them move in your life. Knowing comes with the pleasure of learning.Walk with it. PLEASE SELECT YOUR RING SIZE FROM THE MENU PLEASE SELECT IF YOU WANT INITIAL OR RUNE (TELL ME THOSE RUNES AND OR INITIALS AT CHECKOUT IN A NOTE PLEASE) THE LEAVES WILL WALK THE PATH EITHER WAY For wonderful raw health, Copper is a nice choice. It ages beautifully or you may allow it to grow vintage patina on your hand. Raw copper may react with some people on the skin, and not with others. This is untreated and totally 100%. THE LORE OF COPPER: Copper is an Earth element. It carries all of the chakra in its grip. It engages higher vibrations to ground them and is a conduction energy metal. Carrying energy across the body, copper is a metal supporting iron and cellular hemoglobin enricher, supporting the balance within. Copper is an aid to tissue healing in both raw and patina giving better oxygenation to the blood. Copper has been used for many years to help with degenerative disease. It is a transferring metal of its own pathways through grounding of vibrations and giving just the right amount back across the engaged field it is in contact with. Thanks for visiting--Always Gift boxed The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluation or treatment.