Turquoise necklace,healing stones,color therapy,warrior,chakra
Thank you for letting me share my work with you. STORM ELEMENT(combining all elements) CHAKRA 5TH--THROAT CHAKRA Communication, strength-well-being A simply floating ensemble of Turquoise, black Free form wire wrap and Swarovski sun crystals. The crystals can be chosen by color choices on the menu. I will accommodate, some will be square, some round, some bicone..Thanks Approximately a 1.5" overall wrap. Placed upon a black beaded style chain, but you may select other style chains from the menu. The bail will allow you to change chains to your preference as well. So it will be versatile for you to wear. The chain showing is not always available. GEM LORE: Turquoise is a stone that represent strength and resolve. A warrior stone. A power stone for all levels of moving forward. A protective stone. A stone that is influenced by the wearer. Wearing Turquoise clears the aura and the mind from distress. Its subtle change of coloration from the temperatures of ones body let the wearer know the energy that needs repair or commended. Turquoise is worn by many who have trouble speaking in groups or one to one. It has an empowering element. It thrives through speaking and gives courage to the truth seeker. It is a detoxifying stone that can help to rehabilitate the wearer according to the need of each individual. It is a high energy stone that works steadily upward from reaching over the crown chakra once vitality and self-worth is recognized or restored. The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.