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---------------ONE NECKLACE-------I AM SHOWING TWO IN ORDER TO SHOW YOU LIGHT FROM DARK STONES------------------- WIND ELEMENTS---A SOULSTAR -REVELATION STONE you will FEEL Fluorite when you wear it. It is cool and receives its warmth from the body, imparting comfort of cool wind to you. CHAKRA: ALL Strongest Attributes THIRD EYE --6TH Crown (7th) Soulstar (8th) Root (1st) Earthstar (below the feet) Solar Plexus (3rd) ONE PENDANT--ONE CHAIN I MAKE THESE OFTEN AND ASSURE YOU BEAUTY IN EACH ONE. PLEASE CHOOSE CHAIN STYLE FROM MENU PLEASE CHOOSE STONE COLOR DESIRE FROM MENU I MAKE MY FLUORITE PENDANTS FROM THE FINEST CHOICES OF COLOR AND POWER STRIPES, THE DARK ONES ARE DARK AND HOLDING THOSE UP THEY SHOW YOU THE TRUTH WITHIN THE LIGHT-- NOTE THE ONE IN MY HAND--WHEN IT IS UP YOU SEE THE DEEPNESS OF THE ELEMENTS-WHEN IT IS FLAT IT IS VERY DARK-HIDING ITS SECRETS WITHIN YOUR PENDANT WILL BE EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL AND YOU CAN CHOOSE A DARK OR A LIGHTER GREEN WHEN ORDERING. WIRE WRAPPED IN COPPER. PLEASE USE MENU FOR STONE COLOR--ALL WILL BE DIFFERENT BUT I CAN CREATE USING YOUR CHOICES-- Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. Beauty and inner peace all in the same place. If you are here for beautiful stones you have found them. If you are here for color balance and knowing, you have found that too. PENDANT: FLUORITE in its Raw state. These stones have a beautiful stunning striation of light passage. I wire it in Copper to enhance the workings of this stone. Fluorite is cooling and calming and yet totally Superior in the inner knowing of the heart --It stabilizes chakra breaks and closes them with a beauty like the Rainbow. The Soulstar attribute of high chakra gathers all of the Chakra abilities together and bring the Heart in line with the Soul and the Divine. FLUORITE: WIND ELEMENT--CHAKRA--ALL--Fluorite is a protective stone that enhances mental clarity and aids you in your decision making for the right course. It has the capacity to clear the energy fields and keep the Aura perfect. It negates negative energy and replaced it with positive. Fluorite is a strong vibration stone that is filled with light sensitivity to passing in and out of, aiding the third eye in its capacity to pick up realms and inner knowing as well as intelligent forces. This is a hue of purple and green which this stone's combination brings the strongest forces for the Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra as well. A revelation stone. The Darker stones hold deep thought and powerful third eye opening. CHAKRA: ALL Strongest Attributes THIRD EYE --6TH Crown (7th) Soulstar (8th) Root (1st) Earthstar (below the feet) Solar Plexus (3rd) thanks for visiting Harmony in Light The statements above are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.