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WATER & STORM ELEMENTS all working in this CHAKRA PENDANT-PENDULUM--DREAM ENHANCER Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. AMAZING VIEWS FROM LASER CREATED SPECTRUMS PENDANT: 2 3/4 inches..3" from top of bail to base Laser created ensemble filled with Kyanite pieces and Chalcedony top. Four Intricate pieces wire wrapped to create a beautiful Light Show upon the stones inside. This is a Pendulum type structure that I have ensnared an arrangement with Stone Combinations. At the TOP--A LIGHT BLUE CHALCEDONY is seated and steady. It is uplifted by a wonderful lot of BLUE KYANITE and swarovski crystals scattered in between. Wire wrapped in sky blue wire set. Placed upon a Baby Blue Material cord. I use the chips with small drills because it allows for wonderful passage ways of light to come in and out.I do not always have the blue cords.. please see menu for chains. GEM LORE and ATTRIBUTES: BLUE KYANITE--STORM ELEMENTS--CHAKRA ALL--THIRD EYE AND HEART- INNER KNOWING OF INTUITION AND PSYCHIC ELEMENTS. Memory retrieval, Dream recall, telepathy and understanding.High vibrational stone with very fast dispersing of energy. The physical and astral bodies can be linked by using blue Kyanite. Sleeping with this stone enhances lucid dreaming. BLUE CHALCEDONY--WATER ELEMENT--THROAT AND THIRD EYE STONE. Blues always have a peaceful and clear state. Clarity of thought and emotional balance. Blue chalcedony helps you stay centered and be able to communicate in such a way that others hear you. Your Calmness is what brings the ability--Chalcedony (blue) has a calming nature. Water Elements are always like having New life beginnings. The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments. Thanks for visiting