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WIND ELEMENT-- Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you today. I MAKE THIS RING OFTEN. EACH STONE WILL HAVE VARIANCES IN MARKINGS. ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL AND HAVE WONDERFUL MARKINGS. RING--WIND ELEMENT-- Ring--Please select your ring size from menu. Please select your wire preference from menu. LAST PICTURE SHOWS A UP AND DOWN THE FINGER STYLE DIRECTION--THIS LIGHT STONE IS NOT PART OF THE ITEM LISTING--IT IS THERE TO SHOW YOU DIRECTION----- PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE STONE FOR YOUR RING TO SIT ACROSS THE FINGER OR UP AND DOWN THE FINGER. I WILL CREATE IT TO YOUR PREFERENCE IN HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO WEAR THIS PIECE. SUGILITE wire wrapped in a beautiful soft textured lavendar enameled artistic wire. An oval delight that sits elegantly on your finger allowing the ring to be seen well in the wrap. A beauty that wraps the entire top of the finger with blacks and purples. It is adorned with Silver bali wheelets on the sides, SUGILITE: WIND ELEMENT-- ALSO KNOWN AS LAVULITE AND LUVULITE- Mined in South Africa------- violet wonder. Wearing this stone in a ring keeps negative energy away from you. This is the stone for the month of January if you are interested in births. This is a stone for healing of Stress and Anxiety. It is a Crown chakra Soul Star stone. A strong Protective stone. Divine communication, higher knowing, and a supreme Spiritual walk. It opens the Third eye and intensifies the spiritual experience. A still young stone in the Gemstone world. The colors vary with purples black and rich volumes. Thanks for visiting.