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EARTH-WIND-FIRE-WATER-STORM---ELEMENTS LIGHTBOX CUBED ENSNARED with GEMSTONES EXCLUSIVE LASER CREATED FROM MY WORK THESE DO NOT LIGHT UP--BUT ALLOW LIGHT THROUGH THE ENTIRE PIECE. All working together on one great chain ensemble, or wear each one separate. Wear a different wellness each day to make a beautiful chakra complete. Whatever you need--in your field of aura, grab one and go, Cubed box presents a beautiful show of light in upon the stones inside. I create these on laser production and they are arranged in such a way that the stones are ensnared for your benefit. Hand crafted wire sets and ensnarments. The wires are various colors that go well with each Lightbox FILLED WITH GEMSTONES. Each box is filled with a different stones such as. Rose Quartz Black Tourmaline Amethyst Citrine and Ametrine Aquamarine Kyanite COMBINATIONS The cube is approximately 3.4 inch all around..the overall piece is just over an inch. It is created and captured with wire elements. A chain will come with the lightboxes so you can change them in and out. It is showing on a cord..but will have two style of chains coming with it.. METAPHYSICAL --MEDITATION--WELL-BEING--HOLISTIC-- BEAUTY--CHAKRA--LADYLIKE--DAINTY--WONDERFUL TO WEAR.. Thanks for visiting with me.