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STORM ELEMENT --- CLEAR QUARTZ RING--gift boxed on arrival Terminated Quartz wire wrapped in your choice of wire colors or metal. You may choose Double terminated as well from menu -thanks Please choose ring size, wire choice and bicone color. RING: CRYSTAL QUARTZ POINT with Swarovski bicone and Copper ovals. I MAKE THIS RING OFTEN, EACH QUARTZ POINT WILL HAVE ITS OWN ATTRIBUTES BUT EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL. If you are here for crystal healing sources, this is a very good choice. If you are looking for a different ring and love crystal beauty, this is a great find. Each point may be a little different as no two crystals are the same.Each ring is a one-of-kind, and the bicones are all swarovski. I have wire wrapped this stone in a simple but elegant wrap of Bronze/ Brown high shine Enameled wire. Some wire may be darker brown and monitors are different hued. This crystal point has been adorned with Swarovski bicones of prism and copper tiny ovals. You can wear this ring either way you like where the point is concerned. Wearing one on each hand with one facing up and one facing down brings the entire chakra in line and moves energy both directions up and down all meridians. It responds with you the way a double terminated crystal works, causing a complete flow. Gem Lore: Points quartz can be directors of energy in one direction. You choose that direction. Quartz of clear are programmable crystals. Your intentions can be moved to the light of the crystal and your thoughts embedded into it. Clear quartz magnifies energy and clears all chakra as well as cleanses all other stones around it, giving them harmony together. These enhance all things and retain memory. Computers use crystal quartz to function in the memory realm every day. We have crystals in our body that help us think and push our Aura forward as well as our thoughts. It is a transforming stone of energy, changing one type into another and vise versa. They are considered natural holographic devices and amplifies any emotion that it receives. So much could be said scientifically about this crystal type, that the pages would never end. CHAKRA: ALL ELEMENT: Storm Thanks for stopping by. The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluation or treatment.