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EARTH element I ONLY USE THE ELDER RUNES-- Gift Boxed THE LARGE IMPRESSION IS APPROXIMATELY A 3/4" RUNE HAND STAMPED ON LARGER ELEMENT, Welcome, Thank you for letting me share my work with you. I make this system of layers often, Your piece will be equally as wonderful and the hand stamping is always a one of a kind as each piece presents its own attributes. This is a custom item. I am showing the three layers stamped with the same rune., You may choose three different runes if you wish and I will hand leather stamp them into each layer. (Just message your choice of Rune/s if different. THE ITEM IS AN EXAMPLE OR YOU MAY ACTUALLY CHOOSE IT AS IT IS IN THE PICTURE marked this way, Please tell me from the picture which Rune/or three runes you wish. Also which one on is to be placed upon the metal layer. JUST LEAVE A NOTE TO ME IN NOTE TO SELLER AT CHECKOUT AS TO THE RUNES YOU WISH.. Three Layers-- FIRST LAYER--A RUNE LANGUAGE SYMBOL-Hand stamped -choose Rune SECOND LAYER--Leather--leather hand stamped -you choose the rune THIRD LAYER-Leather-leather hand stamped --you choose the rune CHAIN--vintage copper The first layer-- --Hand stamped into this piece is a RUNE language symbol/letter. It is the Ancient Elder Futhark Language of the Ancient Norse Peoples before the New Testament Times.The Word means (Secret things-Mysteries) and the one I have chosen to present in this piece is Othila. It means: Inhertiance-family--sometimes separation and overcoming grief. This Rune aids one in moving forward and drawing on everything that it takes to make one whole inside. Separation in this Rune meaning is to find that space that allows you to bear that which separates affording you the ability to accept particular loss that even benefit may come out of. The inheritance of the rune can come from many directions and with many meanings. To find out who you are and how strong you really are sometimes you are challenged in this life to take a step out of your in general place --your comfort zone, if you will, learn yourself. Sometimes that means in a hereditary way, a loss way, or a new future, new life way. This Rune will help you achieve that if you remember it that way as you wear it. If you allow yourself to meditate and take note of your morning, day and evening, by allowing the rune to keep you in a constant mode of knowing and paying attention, you will reap the benefits of this piece or any Rune that you select and understand your journey. We need to know ourselves in order for our lives to have purpose and right direction. Though some use the Runes for purposes such as magic - I use the RUNES because they are for Self-knowledge and Direction from where you sit and will aid you in knowing your circumstances and directions as you focus upon them attuned. Understanding is reaped when we take time to look inward and beyond. Thanks for visiting The statements above are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.