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FIRE & EARTH in a strong combination of strength and Light Necklace Gift Bxed choose all things desired from menu thanks NOTE: The last two pictures give another style --I take custom ideas on this pendant arrangement according to the Rune you desire and the words that it needs to have with it to impart to you. or--you may choose the word..on the two discs. Welcome, Thank you for letting me share my work with you. I make this system of layers often, Your piece will be equally as wonderful and the hand stamping is always a one of a kind as each piece presents its own attributes. PLEASE CHOOSE CHAIN STYLE FROM MENU CUSTOM RUNE CHOICE WELCOME--Ask for custom.. ALSO CUSTOM WORDS FOR WHAT THE RUNE IS GIVING- This is a combination of mixed metals and mixed healing virtues in one incredible strong and focused pendant necklace. Three Layers--of Anodized Aluminum-Brass, and Bronze--with a combination of Bloodstone -Swarovski Opal and Silver Plate Bali. FIRST LAYER--A RUNE LANGUAGE SYMBOL-Hand stamped SECOND LAYER--THE WORD "STRENGTH" Hand stamped THIRD LAYER-ILLUMINATION-Hand stamped CHAIN--ANTIQUE BRASS The first layer--the small circular --Hand stamped into this piece is a RUNE language symbol/letter. It is the Ancient Elder Futhark Language of the Ancient Norse Peoples before the New Testament Times.The Word means (Secret things-Mysteries) and the one I have chosen to present with this Bloodstone combination is the letter (called-Kano or Kernaz -from this language) It means: Illumination by Fire--It is a Fire element--Fire purifies- It is the Rune for clear intentions and manifestation that you journey deep to find out that lie hidden in yourself. It is a DOORWAY to your soul. We need to know ourselves in order for our lives to have purpose and right direction. Though some use the Runes for purposes such magic - I use the RUNES because they are for Self-knowledge and Direction from where you sit and will aid you in knowing your circumstances and directions as they focus you and you upon them attuned to the stone they are connected with--Heightened forms of healing are generated when we understand the inner man. BLOODSTONE- EARTH ELEMENT--ROOT CHAKRA(ROOT CAUSES) This stone is a courageous stone that carries with it the ability to help yo purge the old and generate what is needful in your present. It is a Stone of Strength and raw vitality. It is a purification stone. THE MIXTURE OF THIS STONE AND THE RUNE CARRY MUCH INNER KNOWLEDGE AND REFLECTION TO THE WHOLE PERSON. ONE ENHANCES THE OTHER IN THE HEALING WORLD. IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED A RUNE FOR CONTEMPLATION INTERNAL, YOU WILL FIND EACH RUNE CARRIES ITS OWN REFLECTION INTO YOUR LIFE. Thanks for visiting The statements above are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments.