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"HERE COMES THE SUN" THE BEATLES QUOTE SONG or have it created your way --see choices-- Contact me if you desire this but in a custom wording instead. FIRE ELEMENT--BEAUTIFUL FIRE ILLUSION CREATED IN THIS PIECE IN LIGHT FORMS THAT ARE JUST RICH AND AMAZING. THE DISC IS JUST LIKE A FIREBALL OF SUN! I MAKE THIS OFTEN AND EACH IS UNIQUE-- CHAINS WILL VARY according to supply. This can be placed on any chain choice as the bail will accommodate everything. OR YOU CAN SELECT FROM MENU. THIS CAN ALSO BE CREATED WITHOUT THE STONES FOR MEN AND ENRICHED WITH YOU PERSONAL SAYING INSTEAD OF (HERE COMES THE SUN) JUST MESSAGE what you want your circle to say. Stay a little brief as this is hand stamped custom. Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. Uniquely Handstamped makes every piece a one of a kind as this process is all about handmade. A piece that will be uniquely yours. Make a statement and feel the difference. A beautiful 1 1/2" Sunset Red Fire disc Handstamped with the quote: "Here Comes The Sun" and hammer textured to allow the light to just fire off of the disc in a great way under different light moves. Looks just like firelight flash. The disk is Oxidized Aluminum and will not tarnish. A Pewter Sun element graces the center piece of the circle and it is adorned with a beautiful swarovski bicone Cintrine and a Swarovski heart Citrine Amber element wire wrapped. The mixed metals here are a great raw combination and set each system apart and well as bring into a dimensional look. Chain will vary..please use menu to select your chain. The showing chain may not be available. This can be put on any chain--So feel free to wear it how you like. This is is a fun and moving piece...Wonderful Lights HERE COMES THE SUN-----THE BEATLES QUOTE THAT MOVES THE WEARER TO A NEW DAY--A NEW EXPERIENCE--ENCOURAGED AND DRAWING IN THE CITRINE COLORS BRINGS FOCUS ON THE SOLAR PLEXUS AND REACHES VITALITY OF LIFE TO THE INNER PARTS OF LIFE. ENERGY--PROSPERITY AND RENEWAL ARE THE CONCRETE FOUNDATIONS OF (HERE COMES THE SUN) Thanks for visiting