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WIND--EARTH--FIRE all working in this CHAKRA PENDANT ASK FOR CUSTOM ANY TIME..YOUR STONE CHIP CHOICES BLENDED INTO A BEAUTIFUL ARRANGEMENT WITH COMPLEMENT OF CHORD THAT WILL BE APPEALING TO YOUR CUSTOM SELECTION OF STONES. Please select wire choice for surrounding from menu. YOU MAY ALSO SELECT CHAINS FROM MENU THE CHAIN SHOWING IS A SAMPLE--NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE IN ORGANZA Welcome and thank you for letting me share my work with you. AMAZING VIEWS FROM LASER CREATED SPECTRUMS OF ACRYLIC LAYERS. THIS IS A BEAUTY! If you are here for a unique gemstone item, you have found it. If you are here for the Chakra use--you have truly found a unique created art piece that ensnares your needs. A new Exclusive from my Laser creations. PENDANT: 2 3/4 inches..3" from top of bail to base Four Intricate pieces wire wrapped to create a beautiful Light Show upon the stones inside. This is a Pendulum type structure that I have ensnared an arrangment with Stone Combinations. At the Point--A Faceted Smoky Quartz is seated and steady with a tiny clear quartz just under its tip. Above the Smoky are Clear & Smoky and Citrine with Amethyst riding the Top Crown. It is wire wrapped in Old World style on Vintage Brown/Bronze enameled wire. I have placed it upon on Combination of Earth hues material chain. You will adore the Lights coming from this piece as it passes in and out among the stones. Natural light. GEM LORE and ATRIBUTES: AMETHSYT--Crown chakra--WIND ELEMENT-THIRD EYE STONE Amethyst is the stone for High Crown chakra and will purify all of your surroundings and detoxify all that is negative in your space. It will guide you and aid you on your walk to Spiritual High Places. This is the BREAKER OF ALL CHAINS in the gem world. The perfect stone for mediation upon change, and releasing your chains of any addictions, or toxins, as well as Protection. It activates the Higher place of knowing in your own sense while guiding you on deep meditation for you well being. SMOKY QUARTZ-EARTH ELEMNTS--ROOT CHAKRA This is the Grounding Stone. The stone that combines at the base to keep you grounded and negative energy at bay while in mediation on other walks. This is a stone for manifestation of the dreamworld. Bringing the Spiritual into the physical realm. it provides knowledge of where unstable enery is so it can be negated and transformed. The Amethyst at the top will channel the new energy to perfection. CITRINE--FIRE ELEMENT--1st-2nd and 3rd chakra THE STONE OF THE SUN AND AWAKENING! IMAGINATION SOARS WITH CITRINE AND CREATION IS BORN! Stone of creativity as you walk into a better place. It is the Law of Attraction stone whereby you prosper as you are more energectic, more creative, thoughts are given that are clearly stated for your best interest. The speech stone for speaking clearly your ideas and beginning to walk out your new challenges that send you on your personal journey. THE WILL IS ABSOLUTELY AIDED IN BEST PERFOMANCE BY CITRINE The above statements are not meant to negate traditional medical evaluations or treatments. Thanks for visiting