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Scranton, PA
Owned By
Stef Szymanski
Store Details
HappiMess is an online shop/artsy blog combo for those with whimsical inclinations. The content of the HappiMess shop is meant for everyone to enjoy, and those who will be especially fond of it are the ones who • Aspire to be fort-building connoisseurs • Doodle during work meetings • Don’t read instructions thoroughly or at all • Gleefully and genuinely exclaim “Yay!” when happy fun things happen • Drive friends to madness by asking lots of questions, primarily “Why?” • Still haven’t gotten over that there are no new Calvin & Hobbes comic strips anymore • Kind of miss playing with toys, or haven’t stopped • View life like a movie or a TV show • Find themselves asking “Too soon?” after some of their jokes/opinions • Speak occasionally in a weird cartoon voice • Choose outfits with inner reasoning resembling something like, “I like this shirt, and I like these pants. Therefore, they match.” • Appreciate the occasional night of board games and drunken debauchery • Invent their own dance moves • Cook meals by tossing a few intriguing ingredients together in a pot with some spices, giving it a few good stirs, and seeing what shakes out • Give their pets epically long, fancy names and then call them something far shorter and way less distinguished • Like to make their own creative stuff and things • Are curious and excited about the world and find humor in everything
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