Flourite and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
Measures 7-3/4" L. Toggle clasp. Fluorite is a great stone to calm and relieve anxiety and stress. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. Clear fluorite guards against psychic attack and strengthens consciousness. Blue fluorite has the quality of protecting the emotions and restoring emotional balance. Purple fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness, and can open the third eye. Green fluorite is an excellent all purpose healing stone that promotes healing on all levels. It also promotes self-love. Swarovski Crystals have beautiful colors with fire and sparkle that will enhance the healing capabilities of other crystals and stones. The Swarovski Crystals on this bracelet are a combination of green and blue, so I'm giving you information on both colors: Green: These are for healing. Eyes, kidneys, stomach, migraines, esp. Help with money, luck, prosperity, grounding and balance. Blue: calm emotions, sleep, healing, ulcers and inflammation. The main focal point bead is silvertone. Contact us to place custom orders for size variations. Makes a great gift!