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I'm a Happie Hippie Chick that loves to get her hands all dirty with glue and paint and anything else I can find! My love of crafting began at a very young age thanks in part to a set of World Book encyclopedias we had. It came with a set of Childcraft books and volume 11 was titled "Make and Do". That book kept me busy for hours on end. As an adult and mom to three boys, I found my love of creating hadn't ended and I made Halloween costumes, toys, decorations and creative school supplies while we homeschooled. Eventually, I began to also make Christmas gifts and this led to selling handcrafted jewelry at a Farmers' Market. I'd always loved photography as well, however, it was an expensive hobby that we simply could not afford until digital cameras came on the scene. I've spent several years now developing my photographic style and now sell a lot of my work on various stock as well as online art sites. After a short break, I'm now back in business with fun, creative jewelry and art.