My name is Michaela and I was born in the Czech Republic. I have been producing crafts for about 40 years. When I was about 10 years old I made my first crocheted purse. When I was 15 I started sewing and making macrame belts. At the age of 18 I learned how to make bobbin lace. At the age of 25 I came to the USA and started working in a theater as a Costumer. I also started selling hats and purses at the Hollywood Farmers Market in Los Angeles, CA. I did that for 7 years and I really enjoyed it. Then I moved to Oregon and continued making my crafts here. Presently, I learned wire-wrapping and beading. Growing up in a country where certain resources were scarce I was forced to only use materials that were available. I also hated to throw anything away. I see an enormous purpose in recycling and using reclaimed materials in order to make my crafts. I genuinely find pleasure in finding unusual materials that were discarded or have no value to others and making them into pieces of art. I also like combining different craft media to make beautiful artistic wearable objects. My craft is my life and I couldn't live without constantly producing something with my hands.

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