Thanaka Powder Grade A 200 gm and Kusumba oil 200 ml for permanent hair removal
Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil in India for Permanent Hair Loss It is common to see people feeling very bored and vexed with their excess hair growth at unwanted places. They are spending too much time and energy for shaving these hairs regularly or go for one of these costly ways of hair removal like waxing, threading, going to the beauty parlour, tweezing or using of shaving cream etc. But you need not have to go for these tiresome and costly hair removal methods as here is a very good cheap and all natural way of removing unwanted hair from your body. This 100% non- laser based hair removal offers many benefits without any side effects. This costs very less and guarantees complete hair removal through a natural and painless method. By using this method it is easy for you to remove your hair on arms, legs and this is popularly called as the non- laser hair removal bikini area. This costs very less and this is through the use of Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil procured from Burma. These all natural herbal products are known for their permanent hair removal properties. We see that in the present days men use various methods like sugaring, waxing, epilator devices, threading, lasers, electro logy, intense pulsed light etc to get rid of their hair on their beards. Even women who have excessive hair growth on their face are forced to use methods like hair plucking with tweezers, or other hair removal methods available in market that give only temporary removal of hair like shaving or electric shavers, trimming, shaving powders, use of creams or chemically dissolve hair. But all these are only temporary and are not giving any permanent hair removal effect. Why do men and women have unwanted hair problem? Women get more hairs on their bodies due to the effect of hirsutism that is caused by the excess levels of androgen harmone in their bodies. This mostly occurs to the young girls in their age of puberty. Due to this hair grows all over their bodies and you can see thick hair growth on head, eyebrows, armpits, pubic region, arms, legs, thicker hair on their face and abdomen, back, chest cause more embarrassment to them and they frantically search for ways to remove these unwanted hair. What is the permanent hair removal method for these women? The use of the Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil is the only way to get a permanent solution for the hair growth problem. This is a 100% natural herbal remedy and is nearly 400 years ancient natural medicine coming from Burmese region. This gives permanent hair removal effect and is 100% successful in giving good results to all. Due to this use of Thanaka Powder with Kusumba Oil is one of the best ways to get permanent hair removal and it is a globally accepted fact. What is Tanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil? These herbal based medicinal products are sourced from Burma and Thanaka means elephant in the Burmese local language and this is a giant tree that grows in Burma, Malaysia and Thailand. The bark of this tree has special properties and the protein contained in this is able to weaken the hair root and destroy it totally with no chance of regrowth. This is fully an ayurvedic medicine. The KusumbaOil comes from the Kusumba flower and its smaller seeds using a special extraction method. How does the Tanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil give permanent hair removal? The combination of Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil are made as a mixture and applied onto the area of the body from where you want to remove the hair. When you apply this repeatedly the Thanaka proteins contained in this medicine act on the hair roots and weakens them and after some time the entire hair root is completely destroyed. Due to this you have complete hair removal similar to that of male baldness pattern. This helps in the removal of the hair follicles from the treated area and this gives a clean shaven look and the hair never grows in this area giving a permanent hair removal effect. Thus, by using the Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil you are able to get completely painless, cheap and easy to apply non- laser 100% safe and natural way of hair removal that too permanently with no chance of hair growth again. Due to this, the use of these is becoming very popular globally. Grades of Thanaka Powder: Thanaka powder is available in three grades depending on its potential hair removal power Grade “A” – is used for permanent hair removal Grade “B” and “C” – is used for skin care to get relief from acne marks, black spots etc and can be used in the form of face mask.