Vintage Insignia Fine Silver Pendant - "Who Seeks Me, Finds Me," in French
This stamped charm was created in pure silver (99.9%) using an antique French wax stamp, with the words "QUI ME CHERCHE, ME PROUVE." The translation is "Who Seeks Me, Finds Me." The image accompanying the phrase is a sweet flower (daisy, perhaps) peeking out from behind some tall grasses. Initially, Intaglios (or wax stamps) were developed to act as an official signature used on documents and to seal envelopes. More recently, these stamps were used to embellish and personalize documents and envelopes. To create the charm in pure silver, I use Metal Clay, a relatively new medium which consists of tiny particles of pure silver in a clay base. After each piece is created, I fire it in my kiln. During the firing process, the clay medium burns away, leaving a silver ingot with less than 1% impurities. As opposed to sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% alloy metals. Because fine silver is so pure, it is generally resistant to tarnishing and requires a minimum of care. We recommend gently cleaning with a soft cloth as needed. Please enjoy wearing your new handcrafted jewelry; it is a little bit of history with a story to tell. I am offering two options; the first shown includes a tiny charm with a bright pink tourmaline paired with a pink amethyst. The second image is shown without a charm. There is no additional cost for the gemstone charm; just include a note as to your preference when you check out. The charm measures approximately 5/8 x 3/4 inches, not including the jump ring or the gemstone charm. Each adds approximately 1/4 additional inch to the measurement. Chain sold separately.