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every woman deserves to sparkle...

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Carmichael, CA
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Kristi Taylor
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After more than two decades working in the corporate world I made the decision to nurture her creative personality and began creating high quality handcrafted jewelry under the name got sparkles. In 2005, I began selling my jewelry at art and wine festivals as a way to test designs and learn the artistic side of business. Got sparkles continues to grow in popularity. My clients include local customers as well as clients from all around the world. I feel blessed that my jewelry has been selected by a number of television stylists, and has been seen on The Vampire Diaries (both season five and season six), as well as Hart of Dixie and Law & Order: SVU. As well, my jewelry has been included in the celebrity swag bags for both the Golden Globes and The Primetime Emmys. Jewelry trends continue to change and evolve, so I regularly adds to my skills by attending classes, reading industry literature and talking with other designers. I continues to be inspired by "sparkly" things and love to incorporate brilliant gemstones and crystals into my designs. Freshwater pearls are my true passion, though, and a majority of my designs reflect this love. Thank you for visiting got sparkles. I hope you enjoy my designs.