Drinking Straws, Hand Blown Glass, Each 6" Long, Eco Friendly and Hypoallergenic
This listing is for a set of four 6" glass straws in teal, cobalt, amber and green, and the ends are fire polished, perfectly smooth, for your safety and convenience. Perfect size for a cocktail glass or to use as a coffee stirrer. Compare the taste of your favorite beverage in a glass bottle as opposed to plastic or tin - now imagine drinking from pure glass instead of the plastic straw you're accustomed to. Big, big difference! Each has a 9.5mm outside diameter. Made of borosilicate glass and kiln-annealed for strength and durability, they are dishwasher safe, BPA free, and hypoallergenic. Great for hot or cold beverages and the environment - no more plastic straws in your trash! NOTE These glass borosilicate drinking straws are not fragile - they're very durable but, like any glass item, need to be used in a safe manner. Not intended for children.