Paracord Bracelet-Hot on the Trail for a Cure-Benefits Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation
FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA - LIMITED OFFER The Hot on the Trail Paracord Bracelet is a Product found in our Childhood Cancer Awareness Collection. It is wrapped in gold paracord – Symbolic of the gold color for Childhood Cancer Awareness! It also gives back to charity!! 20% of your sales purchase* (see the Our Pledge Page of our website for more detail) in this category of our website gives back to an organization led by a great Race Car Legend Jeff Gordon that expresses hope and help for research: Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation. We are not affiliated with this organization other than our willingness to help with our sales. Their trademarks are their own! Please read the Our Pledge page of our website for more detail. This one comes in multiple sizes (6-10 inch wrist widths) . You can purchase it as standard with the black nylon/plastic 5/8 inch side release buckle or upgrade to one of the other closure options listed in attached photos. You can upgrade to a Silver metal 5/8 side release buckle for $5.00 extra or a Silver Metal adjustable clevis pin closure for $7.00 extra. See photos above as these options are available only on our business website under Gigawad LLC. Inquire with us prior to purchasing. The Paracord material is made in the USA. It is composed of 100% Nylon Commercial Type III 550 grade for quality assurance. Each bracelet is handmade by Teri, co-owner of Gigawad LLC, in the family shop in New Jersey. Side Note: If you find you are in between two wrist sizes, it is always recommended to go with the larger dimension of your wrist for comfort ability. To measure your wrist size - Use a tape measure or string or piece of paper. Wrap around the wrist on which you plan to wear your paracord bracelet - add an additional 1/2 inch for ease of comfort. Also visit our blog post page and read the Wrist Closures article to learn more about these closures and see some up close photos. We will be adding more accessories in addition to the Hot on the Trail Paracord Bracelet to this collection in days ahead – please stay tuned!