Vintage Design Christmas/Holiday/Winter Ceramic Tile Magnets
This purchase is for this festive vintage rustic image magnet for your refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. Comes with an adhesive lined magnet backing. Image has been sublimated onto a white ceramic 1.8 x 3.8 inch tile that has a slightly distressed look around the edges to improve the rustic imaging. Four designs to choose from for your Holiday decorations. A life size version version is attached so you can see the size perspective. Sure to please all and definitely a gift that is doing its part to help others – For all the Holiday Collections we offer, Gigawad gives back 20% of this Holiday collection sale (*Net profit sales – see our mission page for more details) to the Make A Wish Foundation once annually from our business. Photo Creds are to chocolaterabbit on Etsy that we purchased from them in order to create our handmade item and vision to give back to multiple charities.